One incorrect medical bill for $149, denied by Medicare, caused this patient to be turned over to a collection agency and was about to enter into the tax garnishment stages. However, this patient got a Guardian, and her credit report has been fixed. Don't allow a simple billing mistake (in this case a bad diagnosis code) spiral out of control. Y… Read More

Congrats! You’ve either settled in to your new home, or you’re thinking of changing your space to more adequately fit your lifestyle. If you’ve ever longingly stared at your friend’s remodel, or HGTV is constantly on, then you’re probably flooded with inspiration of your dream home.Luckily, your inspiration can easily turn into a reality.… Read More

Don Geronimo got his first career at the age of 14 in stereo, at WRWC in Rockton, Illinois. But his love of radio never stopped developing, as his career accelerated.From the age of 16 Don was out and on the oxygen within the major industry of Pittsburgh, at Fun Lovin’ 13Q. In New York City, he was working at seventeen, performing the nightshift … Read More